At-Home Whitening Solutions and Their Safety

At-Home Whitening Solutions and Their SafetyYou have probably noticed teeth bleaching products at your local drugstore or mass merchandiser. Are these at-home whitening solutions as safe as professional whitening products? Most teeth whitening products use peroxide as their active ingredient. Peroxide is generally recognized as safe for whitening teeth. It works by dissolving into oxygen and water, and the bubbles it forms as it does so break up the stains inside the enamel.

Unfortunately, not all of these products are equally safe and effective. Some of them are highly acidic, and others have flawed delivery systems that can result in burns on your tongue, gums, or lips. When used regularly or frequently, your teeth can become demineralized and damaged. You might develop sensitivity due to worn enamel. Soft tissue injuries can also occur if the whitening solution contacts your gums, lips, cheeks, or tongue. Occasional use of OTC whitening products should be safe, but using them too often or for too long a period can lead to long-term oral damage.

Before using any bleaching product, schedule a checkup with our team. Dr. Frame will examine your teeth and gums, and can recommend specific products based on your needs. Professional strength whitening products may be preferable. These products can be used at home or in our office. They offer faster-working, longer-lasting results that will lighten your teeth by several shades. Many people experience whitening of eight to ten shades or more. Call our office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Frame.

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