Bumps in Mouth Santa Clara

A bump in the mouth can be worrisome. You may wonder if it is just a minor sore or if it needs to be evaluated. In most cases, a bump will have a minor cause, but it should still be evaluated by a professional. Dr. Frame, our expert in treatment of bumps in mouth in Santa Clara, will examine your mouth for any abnormalities to determine the cause of your bump, and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Common causes of bumps in the mouth include:

• Canker sores
Canker sores are common, and while experts do not fully understand why people get them, they are believed to be associated with stress.

• Cold sores
Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus, and outbreaks can be linked to stress, illness, excess sun exposure, and other factors.

• Injuries
Injuries can cause sores and bumps in the mouth that cause pain and discomfort.

• Cysts
Small cysts and bumps in the mouth often appear inside the lips or on the palate, and are usually painless. They may be fluid-filled and may drain on their own, or they may require surgical removal.

• Oral cancer
Oral cancer can appear as a painless bump, sore, or spot anywhere inside the mouth. Early identification is critical to a more positive outcome.

After examining your bump and determining the cause, Dr. Frame, our expert in treatment of bumps in mouth in Santa Clara will recommend a specific course of treatment. Treatment can vary based on the cause of your bump. Cold sores can be successfully treated by antiviral medications while infections may need to be treated with antibiotics. Canker sores and injured areas may respond better to laser therapy.

If Dr. Frame, our expert in treatment of bumps in mouth in Santa Clara, believes that your bump has characteristics of oral cancer, he may recommend that you have the area biopsied. This will allow for closer examination and an accurate diagnosis and care, which can include surgery and radiation or chemotherapy.

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