Causes of Dental Cavities

Sooner or later, most people get a cavity. Many people mistakenly believe that only children are susceptible to cavities, but that is not the case. Although children may be more prone to getting cavities that result from poor oral hygiene or from consuming too many sugary foods, adults can get cavities as well.

Cavities are pockets of tooth decay that are caused by bacteria. These bacteria can enter the tooth a variety of ways. Perhaps the most common way is when the bacteria are not cleared away by brushing and flossing. This allows the bacteria to sit on the teeth, where they combine with food particles and discarded white blood cells to form plaque and tartar. The acids from these bacteria slowly eat away at the dental enamel, causing areas of decay. Eating a lot of foods that contain sugars can also make you more prone to tooth decay, because the sugars serve as fuel for the bacteria. Children are more likely to get tooth decay from these causes because they are more likely to eat sugary foods and less likely to practice good oral hygiene.

Bacteria can also enter through areas where the tooth enamel has become worn down by over-brushing, or where the tooth roots have become exposed by periodontal disease. Adults are more prone to getting bacteria from these causes because over time, tooth enamel can become thinner and because adults are more prone to developing gum disease.

No matter what caused your cavities, Dr. Frame, Santa Clara dentist, can help. Dr. Frame performs routine cleanings and examinations designed to reduce your incidence of cavities. In addition, Dr. Frame is a Santa Clara dental implants expert, allowing him to replace teeth that were lost to tooth decay or periodontal disease with dental implants. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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