Common Dental Problems in Children

Common Dental Problems in Children

Children are uniquely vulnerable when it comes to dental problems. Their permanent teeth are still developing and erupting, and any dental disease could affect both primary teeth and permanent teeth. Dr. Frame, our family and pediatric dentist, can help you and your child keep all of his teeth as healthy as possible.

Some of the most common dental problems in children include:

• Baby bottle tooth decay
Also called early childhood caries, this type of decay occurs when the baby’s teeth are frequently exposed to milk, formula, juice or other sweet drinks without proper cleaning. To prevent baby bottle tooth decay, wipe your child’s teeth after every meal, and never put her to bed with a bottle.

• Medicine-induced decay
Pediatric medicine often comes in sweet syrups with a sugar content of up to 55 percent. Have your child rinse thoroughly after taking syrup medicine and brush twice daily, or choose a xylitol-sweetened medication.

• Thumb sucking
The sucking reflex is often satisfied by thumb- or finger-sucking in babies and children. Occasional thumb-sucking is not a reason for concern, but if the habit is continued beyond the toddler years, it can lead to serious speech and orthodontic problems.

Keeping your child’s primary teeth healthy can reduce the risk of problems as her secondary teeth erupt. Help him brush and floss until he can manage properly on his own. Bring your child into our office for checkups and cleanings regularly. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Frame.

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