Dairy Products Can Help Avoid Cavities

A well-balanced diet should include some dairy products to keep your bones and teeth healthy, but a recent study reveals that dairy products may be beneficial for teeth in more ways than one.

Cheese, milk and yogurt have long been considered important to the diet. They provide critical nutrients that include calcium and other minerals to help keep teeth and bones strong. However, this study determined that dairy products contain other compounds that adhere to tooth enamel to protect teeth from acid attacks. After you eat, oral bacteria produce acids, and these acids demineralize teeth, leaving them more susceptible to day. Researchers followed study participants and evaluated their oral pH levels after they consumed dairy products. Cheese was determined to be most effective at preventing cavities, but milk and yogurt were also extremely effective.

Dairy products stimulate saliva flow, which helps neutralize the acidic byproducts of bacteria. Cheese also dilutes sugars from carbohydrates and may also combat oral bacteria. Calcium and phosphorus seem to be equally important by helping remineralize teeth and decreasing the demineralization process.

Adding more dairy to your diet may help play an important role in your overall dental health routine. Cheese can be added to a meal or eaten on its own. Sugar-free yogurts can be healthy snacks while milk can be a good alternative to energy drinks, soft drinks and other enamel-eroding beverages.

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