Dental Bonding

When a tooth is chipped, cracked, or stained, it is difficult to forget about it. Every time you look in the mirror or smile in a photo, you probably notice your dental imperfection. Dental bonding is a worthwhile treatment for correcting a minor cosmetic issue like this. It is one of the least expensive dental procedures available and can leave your tooth looking brand new. Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara dentist, provides dental bonding for patients seeking a beautiful smile.

Dental bonding involves sculpting a tooth-toned composite material to the tooth. The material is hardened and then polished for a natural look. Dental bonding is most often used to fix a chipped or broken tooth, but our Santa Clara dental bonding expert, Dr. Frame can even employ this technique to create a tooth-colored filling for small cavities.

Dental Bonding Santa Clara

First, our expert in dental bonding in Santa Clara, Dr. Frame will apply a gentle acid to the tooth surface. This will roughen it up to allow the bonding material to stick to the tooth. The dental bonding material is like putty. Placed on the surface of the teeth, a special dental light is used to harden it and set it in place. Lastly, the tooth is polished and buffed.

Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara dental bonding expert, can usually complete this procedure in a single office visit lasting no more than an hour per tooth. No anesthesia should be needed, unless bonding is addressing a decayed tooth. Dental veneers and crowns often require significant enamel removal, but with dental bonding, the natural teeth remain nearly untouched.

With time, dental bonding can appear discolored or stained. To minimize staining, avoid coffee, tea, red wine, and smoking for the first day or two after your procedure. When you do enjoy these substances, be sure to brush your teeth soon afterward. Like your normal teeth, dental bonding can chip or crack, so be careful not to put extra strain on your teeth. Properly cared for and maintained, dental bonding should last up to several years.

If you would like to receive dental bonding for your tooth or teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Frame, our expert in dental bonding in Santa Clara.

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