Dental Extractions

Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Even when a tooth is damaged or decayed, our first goal is to save it. Unfortunately, not all teeth can or should be saved. Teeth that are impacted, severely damaged, severely decayed or infected may need to be extracted to preserve the health of your other teeth or your whole smile. In some cases, extractions may also need to be performed before orthodontic treatment can be completed. Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara dental extractions expert, can recommend the best course of action for your dental health needs.

Dr. Frame, our expert in dental extractions in Santa Clara, will begin by performing a comprehensive exam. Dental X-rays and other images may be needed to identify the roots of the tooth and other structures that may not be visible to the unaided eye. Your treatment will be planned, and you may be given options for restorations if the tooth is being replaced. Dental implants, dental bridges or dental implants may all be available.

Dental Extractions Santa Clara

The extraction site will then be numbed. A topical anesthetic may be used along with a local anesthetic to make you more comfortable. If you are feeling particularly nervous or are having more than one tooth extracted, you may benefit from sedation options. Once the area is numb, Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara dental extractions expert, will remove the problem tooth. Stitches may be placed if necessary, and you will be asked to bite on a gauze pad to help control bleeding.

Dr. Frame, our expert in dental extractions in Santa Clara, will give you specific aftercare instructions. Taking care of the extraction site is critical to healing. You may need to eat soft foods for a few days and brush and floss carefully around the site. Avoid using a straw or smoking, both of which could complicate and delay healing. If you need a restoration, we may recommend waiting until the tissues have healed, but some patients may be able to have implants placed immediately. Contact our office today to find out more or to schedule a consultation with our Santa Clara dentist Dr. Frame.

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