Dental Problems that Indicate You Should See a Dentist

Most people are aware of which signs of problems with their general health indicate that they should see a doctor. However, many people avoid going to the dentist even when they begin experiencing mouth pain or other signs of problems. It is important to be aware of these signs so you can seek treatment from a dentist before the problem results in a serious health condition.

One sign that you should seek treatment from a dentist is pain in the mouth or near the teeth. Sharp pain, numbness, temperature sensitivity or a dull pain that extends to the jaw may all be indicators of a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Headaches are another indication of a dental problem. The pain can result from a variety of conditions, from a serious infection to teeth clenching or grinding, and most of these conditions are very treatable if they are caught in the early stages.

Bleeding or swollen gums are another key indicator of a dental problem. These conditions typically indicate that you have periodontal disease. When caught early periodontal disease can be remedied simply by improving your oral care routine. However, if left unchecked, tooth, tissue, or bone loss may result and you may need to see a Santa Clara cosmetic dentist or a specialist for dental implants in Santa Clara to have the teeth replaced with implants or a dental bridge.

Sores or blisters in the mouth may indicate an infection or another oral health problem, such as oral cancer. It is important to have all suspicious spots, sores, or blisters checked as soon as possible after you notice them.

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