Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are special coatings that are applied to the biting surface of teeth, which tends to be more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Sealants are most commonly used on children as their permanent teeth erupt, but they may be appropriate for anyone who is prone to cavities. Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara dental sealants expert can help you decide if sealants are right for you.

Your molars and premolars have natural fissures. These grooves and folds can be quite deep and difficult to clean, which allows plaque to build up easily. Once plaque begins to accumulate, oral bacteria can begin to increase rapidly. These oral bacteria are ultimately responsible for tooth decay. They produce acids that erode dental enamel. When plaque is regularly removed through good brushing and flossing habits, the teeth are able to remineralize, or restore the eroded enamel. However, you may not be able to remove all the plaque and debris that gets into the grooves and folds of your teeth. Our expert in dental sealants in Santa Clara can apply sealants to these vulnerable areas to reduce the risk of damage and help you keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Dental Sealants Santa Clara

If you are a candidate for dental sealants, Dr. Frame, our expert in dental sealants in Santa Clara, will first clean the tooth. A special solution will be applied to the tooth to help ensure a strong bond between the sealant and the tooth. The tooth will again be washed and then dried, and the sealant will be applied in a thin layer. Dr. Frame will use a special light to cure or harden the sealant.

Once Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara dental sealants expert, applies the sealants to your teeth, they will form a hard, protective barrier that keeps debris, plaque and oral bacteria away from the protected surface of the tooth. Your teeth will have a significantly reduced risk of decay. The process is fast and painless, and it is considered safe and extremely effective. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Frame, our dentist in Santa Clara.

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