Digestive Problems Your Dentist Can Spot

Your mouth is an important window into your overall health. While you may be visiting Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara dentist, to keep your smile healthy, he can also help you keep your whole body healthier. Many health problems, including digestive problems, first make their appearance in the mouth.

Diabetes is a systemic illness that can cause dramatic blood sugar fluctuations. This can compromise your immune system and cause dry mouth, both of which can leave you more vulnerable to gum disease. Unfortunately, gum disease can make it even harder for you to keep your blood sugars steady. For this reason, good dental hygiene is critical for those with diabetes. One of the earliest symptoms of diabetes is a sweet, fruity breath that you may not even notice.

GERD also first shows up in the mouth. As you sleep, stomach acids wash back up your throat and can erode your teeth. Stomach acids can also damage your teeth if you vomit frequently, such as those who are pregnant or who have eating disorders. Treatment can reduce or eliminate further damage while good dental habits can help prevent cavities and other complications of acid erosion.

Good dental habits combined with the right treatment can help you safeguard your smile and your health. Dr. Frame, our expert in teeth cleaning in Santa Clara, offers comprehensive dental care with a special focus on prevention to help patients stay on the right track. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your next checkup.

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