Epic Diode Lasers

epic-diode-lasers-santa-claraEpic Diode Lasers are a revolutionary dental laser recently introduced by Biolase. This laser can be used for pain therapy, teeth whitening, soft tissue treatments and other applications, and its versatility is accessible with the simple touch of a finger. Dr. Frame has incorporated the Epic Diode laser into our practice in order to continue offering our patients the most advanced, efficient treatment options available.

Lasers allow us to more precisely treat specific sites and tissues with less risk to healthy surrounding tissues. Soft tissues can be treated easily with minimal bleeding and exceptional comfort. Dr. Frame controls each aspect of the laser with a simple touchscreen device that allows us to treat ulcers, cold sores and periodontal disease comfortably and easily. Single-use disposable tips eliminate the risk of cross contamination and can add to your peace of mind.

We can also use Epic Diode Lasers to enhance your whitening treatment. Laser-assisted whitening has become increasingly popular. The laser activates the whitening solution so that it can penetrate deeply and evenly into the structure of the tooth without making any permanent changes to the tooth itself. The entire whitening process can be completed in just 20 minutes and lighten your teeth an average of four to six shades.

Another popular application for Epic Diode Lasers is pain relief. The laser has a special deep tissue mechanism that makes it easy to disperse energy into the affected tissues. Dr. Frame can use it to ease minor pain from mouth sores or more serious pain from TMJ disorders.

Micro-pulsed energy is delivered right to the treatment site followed by a rest period, which allows the tissues to relax and recover between each pulse. This reduces the risk of pain and discomfort and minimizes the need for anesthetic. Whether you have oral pain, dental disease or stained teeth, this laser can make your treatment easier and more comfortable than ever before.

Call us today to learn more about how we have incorporated the new Epic Diode Lasers into our practice or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Frame, our expert in no drill dentistry in Santa Clara.

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