Full and Partial Dentures

Dentures are removable restorations that are used to replace missing teeth. They are available as partial dentures, which replace some of the missing teeth, or full dentures, which replace an entire arch or both arches. Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara full dentures expert, can help you decide which option is best for you.

Full Dentures Santa Clara

If you are a candidate for complete dentures, Dr. Frame, our expert in full dentures in Santa Clara, may recommend either conventional dentures, which are placed after the teeth have been removed and the tissues have healed, or immediate dentures, which can be placed immediately. Immediate dentures provide you with an immediate smile, but they may need to be adjusted over the next several weeks as the tissues heal and swelling subsides. In some cases, we may use immediate dentures until your conventional dentures can be placed.

Partial Dentures Santa Clara

Partial dentures are a type of removable bridge. They consist of teeth and a base that is connected to a framework that attaches to teeth or precision clasps. Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara partial dentures expert, may recommend partial dentures if you are missing one or a few teeth.

Both partial and complete dentures can be supported by dental implants. Dental implants work well with dentures and can help maintain bone mass. Dr. Frame, our expert in partial dentures in Santa Clara can help you explore your options at your initial consultation. The dentures process can take several appointments. We begin by taking dental impressions and measurements and using them to create models, forms and other records that will be used to cast the final denture.

Dentures are made to look much like your own teeth. They can improve your smile and stimulate your facial muscles for a more youthful appearance. However, you may require an adjustment period as you get used to your new restorations. You may need to wear your dentures constantly during this initial adjustment period. This will allow us to more quickly identify any areas that need adjustments.

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