Good Reasons for Having Your Teeth Whitened

Teeth Whitening in Santa ClaraTeeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the country. Dr. Frame, cosmetic dentist in Santa Clara, offers a variety of whitening treatment options that can help you whiten your smile and brighten your day. While patients often have their own personal reasons for wanting a whiter smile, there are some very good reasons for everyone to consider whitening.

1. Whitening increases confidence.
Stained, discolored teeth can detract from your overall appearance. You may look older or simply be less confident about the way you look. Whitening your teeth eliminates the stains and leaves your smile looking significantly brighter.

2. Whitening reduces stains.
Whitening may not erase all stains, but it can be extremely effective against stains that are caused by lifestyle or dietary factors, such as tobacco, coffee, cola and wine.

3. Whitening restores a more youthful appearance.
Because enamel can wear over time and become discolored, the color of your teeth provides clues about your age. Whitening can erase not just stains but also years from your smile.

4. Whitening improves dental health.
While whitening alone may not improve the health of your smile, it can give you a renewed focus on good brushing and flossing habits, which translates into better dental health.

5. Whitening is budget-friendly.
Whitening is an affordable way to transform your appearance without the need for more expensive or invasive treatments.

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