Hormonal Changes and Their Link to Oral Health in Women

According to a new review of dozens of women’s health studies, female hormones can have a significantly detrimental effect on their gum health. “Women’s Health: Periodontitis and its Relation to Hormonal Changes,” was featured in “Oral Health and Preventative Dentistry” and explored the intimate relationship between female hormones and dental health.

Women can experience dramatic hormonal changes from puberty through menopause. Hormones can fluctuate during menstrual cycles and pregnancy as well. These changes can then trigger oral changes that inflame gums and encourage bacterial growth. If these oral bacteria are able to enter the bloodstream, they can aggravate other health issues and increase the risk of bone loss, miscarriage, fetal death and preterm births. Poor dental health has also been linked with other potentially serious health problems as well, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Although women tend to take better care of their teeth than men do, they may still be more prone to gum disease simply because of their hormones. This means that women need to be even more careful about their dental health. Good brushing and flossing habits are vital to keeping plaque and bacteria under control.

The American Dental Association recommends bi-annual checkups for most patients, but women who are pregnant or going through menopause may need more frequent checkups to help keep their risks under control. Other healthy habits include eating a balanced diet, quitting tobacco use and managing health problems that can increase your risk of gum problems. Contact Dr. Frame, our dentist in Santa Clara, today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment.

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