How Cosmetic Dentistry Transforms Smiles

When you have a cosmetic dental problem, you might believe that no one can help you. Many people suffer from multiple cosmetic dental issues, from badly stained teeth to misaligned teeth and even several missing or broken teeth. No matter how severe your cosmetic dental problems may be, Dr. Frame, Santa Clara cosmetic dentist, can help.

One of the most common cosmetic dental issues that Dr. Frame’s patients have are stained or yellowed teeth. Dr. Frame performs Zoom whitening to help his patients achieve a brighter and whiter smile in just one office visit. Zoom whitening is one of the most effective in office whitening treatments. It can whiten the smile by up to 5 to 8 shades, removing years of built up stains.

Patients with misaligned teeth and problems with their bites often avoid treatment because they do not want to have to wear metal braces. There is another option. Dr. Frame can fit patients with Invisalign aligners, helping them achieve an even, well aligned smile in as little as one year with no metal wires or brackets.

Some patients have teeth that are too badly stained for a whitening treatment, or have irregularly shaped or unusually small teeth. Dr. Frame is an expert in veneers in Santa Clara, and in two office visits he can fit these patients with a set of veneers that will mask these problems and give the patient the smile they have always wanted.

Even patients with missing teeth can benefit from Dr. Frame’s treatments. Dr. Frame offers dental implants and bridges, replacing missing teeth and restoring the patient’s smile.

Call Dr. Frame’s office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Frame will be glad to look at your teeth and mouth and develop a treatment plan that will correct your cosmetic dental problem.

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