How Often to Visit the Dentist

According to dental health experts, the magic number for how many times you should visit the dentist each year to maintain proper oral hygiene is two. Since dentists play a crucial role in helping individuals keep their teeth and gums healthy, it is advised that patients schedule dental visits biannually. Read on to find the top reasons why it is important to take a trip to the dentist office at least twice a year.

1. Early Detection of Oral Health Problems – One of the leading reasons to maintain routine visits to the dentist is to receive early identification of oral issues that can develop into serious conditions later on, including gum disease and oral cancer. With biannual visits to a dental health specialist, you can guarantee that the earliest warning signs will be detected and proper actions will be taken to cure the ailments.

2. Brilliant Pearly Whites – Although most have the habit of brushing their teeth daily, it may not be enough to achieve the stunning white smile that many strive for. In addition to helping you scrape off the buildup of plaque, dentists can also recommend other ways to keep your teeth sparkling.

3. Good Overall Physical Health – When patients are identified at risk for certain dangerous dental problems, they significantly reduce the chances of the problems spreading to other parts of their bodies. Since gum disease is commonly linked to pancreatic cancer, heart disease, and stroke, timely visits to the dentist to catch symptoms of periodontal disease is critical to maintaining good overall physical health.

Visiting a good dentist office biannually will keep your teeth healthy and save you money down the road for costly oral health procedures. At your earliest convenience, make sure to schedule a consultation with Dr. Frame, dentist in Santa Clara, to receive a full dental examination.

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