How Oral Health Affects the Kidneys

How Oral Health Affects the KidneysIt’s National Kidney Month! While your smile might not seem to have much of an effect on your kidneys, research has demonstrated that there is indeed a link between kidney health and oral health. Those who have kidney disease are more likely to suffer from dry mouth and oral infections.

The kidneys are the bean-shaped organs that are located beneath the rib cage. They contain tiny filters that rid your body of waste, toxins, and fluid and produce urine, which is then able to be excreted. Kidney disease interferes with this process, and those who have kidney disease may suffer from swelling, vomiting, weakness, and shortness of breath as their wastes accumulate in their body. Treatment can include dialysis or transplants.

If you have kidney disease, your risk of gum disease is higher because your immune system can be adversely affected. You may also be more prone to inflammation in the salivary glands, which can contribute to dry mouth and increase the risk of thrush, tooth decay, oral infections, and bad breath. These can be serious dental issues that can affect your smile, as well as your overall health by increasing your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Good dental practices are essential. Dr. Frame may recommend using a special prescription fluoride toothpaste to better protect your teeth against decay and cavities. Some patients may need to take antibiotics before certain dental treatments to reduce the risk of infection. Call our office today to learn more about the connection between kidney disease and dental health or to schedule your next checkup with Dr. Frame.

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