How Tooth Grinding Affects Your Oral Health

Tooth grinding is a common problem that often goes unnoticed. Unconscious clenching or grinding often occurs when people are sleeping and can be accompanied by daytime cheek or nail biting. While teeth grinding can have biological causes, it may also be associated with stress. Because the bite forces associated with grinding can be extreme, treatment is essential to preventing further dental health issues. If you grind your teeth, our Santa Clara dentist, Dr. Frame, can help.

One of the most common problems associated with tooth grinding is excess wear and tear on your teeth. Your teeth may become worn over time, and some may even break or fracture. If you have restorations, they may also be prone to damage, and you may find that your dental fillings, crowns, bridges or veneers fail earlier than they should. Some patients may even develop TMJ disorders, which are associated with pain and decreased jaw function. Eventually, teeth can become loose, which can even result in tooth loss.

If you grind your teeth, a mouth guard may help alleviate the damage. We may also recommend treatment strategies that include cognitive behavioral therapy, antidepressants and lifestyle adjustments. Wearing your customized mouth guard every night and practicing good dental hygiene can further reduce your risk of damage while routine checkups give us the opportunity to evaluate the health of your teeth and adjust your treatment plan. Contact us today to learn more about tooth grinding or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Frame.

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