Importance of Brushing Your Tongue

Importance of Brushing Your TongueWhen it comes to brushing, most people focus solely on their teeth. While brushing your teeth is an important step for preventing gum disease and tooth decay, brushing the teeth alone will not eliminate the majority of the harmful bacteria in the mouth. To reap the maximum benefits of brushing, you must brush your tongue as well.

The tongue harbors the majority of the bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria from the environment as well as from the food and beverages you consume live and breed on the rough surface of your tongue. While brushing the teeth eliminates the bacteria that have adhered to your dental enamel, the bacteria from your tongue will just transfer to your teeth again over the period of a few hours.

Brushing the tongue removes the bacteria hiding in the nooks and crannies of its surface. Removing these bacteria not only helps to prevent the bacteria from spreading to the teeth, but it also helps to prevent bad breath.

The correct way to brush the tongue is to brush the entire surface of your tongue, both on top and underneath. Then, rinse thoroughly to get rid of the food particles and bacteria. If brushing your tongue triggers your gag reflex, use a tongue scraper instead.

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