Importance of Fruits and Vegetables for Your Dental Health

Fresh produce can play a critical role in a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables can be just as fast and convenient for a snack as processed foods are, but they offer a powerful nutritional punch that processed snacks do not. Keeping a supply of pre-cut fruits and veggies in your refrigerator can help you keep your body and your smile healthier.

Processed snacks and simple carbohydrates can leave a sticky, starchy film on teeth and promote plaque development. The bacteria in the plaque then enjoy a snack of their own as they begin processing the simple sugars in these foods and producing tooth-damaging acids. Fruits and vegetables have natural sugars, but their watery, fibrous nature helps mechanically clean teeth and rinse away debris. Additionally, fruits and vegetables offer essential nutrients that can strengthen teeth and gums.

Unfortunately, many adults and kids are failing to get the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Get more veggies in your daily diet by enjoying fresh salads with dark green leafy lettuces and spinach and brightly colored vegetables. A little full-fat dressing can help your body better absorb the nutrients in the salad. Enjoy an apple, pear, banana or some strawberries for a fast and easy dessert or snack, and keep cut-up broccoli, celery, cauliflower, snap peas, bell pepper, carrots and other favorite raw veggies on hand with yogurt dip to combat the munchies healthfully.

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