Importance of Good Oral Health during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting time of life, and many women spend hours reading books to make sure they are taking the best care of their bodies that they can. Unfortunately, many people still believe that they should avoid dental care during pregnancy. This is a dangerous myth. In fact, poor dental health is associated with poor pregnancy outcomes. Women who have gum disease may be at a higher risk of miscarriage, and they may be more susceptible to having preterm birth or low birth-weight babies. Regular checkups with Dr. Frame, our dentist in Santa Clara, and good dental practices can keep you and your pregnancy healthier.

The hormonal changes of pregnancy can increase your risk of gum disease because they leave your gums inflamed and more sensitive. Additionally, higher acid levels in your mouth can increase your risk of tooth decay. If you are suffering from morning sickness and vomiting, your teeth may erode. Loose teeth can also occur due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone.

According to ACOG and the ADA, routine dental care is not only safe but essential during pregnancy. At home, brush after meals and floss daily. If you are vomiting, rinse with water to decrease acidity, but avoid brushing for about half an hour to allow the enamel to remineralize. Dental checkups and professional cleanings may need to be more frequent during pregnancy, and contact us as soon as possible if you notice symptoms of a dental problem, including tooth sensitivity, gum inflammation or pain. Contact our office today to find out more about keeping your smile healthier during pregnancy or to schedule a checkup with Dr. Frame.

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