Invisalign Compared to Braces

Many adults and older teens consider having their teeth straightened, but they decide against it because they do not like the metallic look of traditional metal braces. However, there now is an alternative way to straighten your teeth and fix your bite without wires and brackets. This groundbreaking system is called the Invisalign system, and Dr. Alan Frame is your specialist for Invisalign in Santa Clara.

The Invisalign system is groundbreaking because instead of metal brackets and wires it uses a set of clear, durable plastic trays to realign your teeth. Unlike metal braces, these aligners are virtually invisible. In addition, they can be removed, making oral hygiene easier. Instead of having to work around wires and brackets with specially designed toothbrushes and flossing aids, the patient can simply remove the aligner and brush and floss as usual. Patients can also remove the aligners to eat, allowing them to enjoy foods that are difficult to eat with metal braces, such as corn on the cob or barbecue spareribs.

Invisalign aligners also realign teeth faster and more efficiently than traditional braces. In some cases, the patient can have straight, even teeth in as little as one year as opposed to two to three years. This is an added benefit for patients who do not wish to wear dental appliances any longer than necessary.

If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign aligners and how they can benefit you, call Dr. Frame, Santa Clara cosmetic dentist. Dr. Frame will examine your teeth and help determine if the Invisalign system is right for your needs.

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