Laser Bleaching

Laser bleaching is one of the fastest ways to get the smile of your dreams. You may be a candidate for laser bleaching if your teeth are stained by coffee, tobacco, wine, tea or colas and you have good dental health. Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara laser bleaching expert, can often complete the procedure in a single one-hour appointment, and your teeth can be up to eight shades lighter.

At your appointment, our expert in laser bleaching in Santa Clara will begin by evaluating your smile. This allows us to ensure that laser bleaching is the best choice for your smile needs. We may also recommend a professional cleaning, which can remove any buildup that could interfere with the whitening procedure. Once you and your teeth are ready, we will apply a protective layer over your gums and the soft tissues of your mouth and then paint the bleaching solution onto each tooth.

Laser Bleaching Santa Clara

Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara laser bleaching expert, will use a laser to activate the whitening solution. The peroxide-based whitening gel is sent deep inside the structure of the tooth, and the oxygen breaks up the stains in the dentin and enamel. The procedure may be repeated several times throughout the course of the appointment to achieve the maximum whitening results.

Once your whitening treatment is done, your teeth will be noticeably whiter. Some patients are able to achieve smiles that are up to eight to 10 shades lighter. Your personal results can vary based on several different factors. Our expert in laser bleaching in Santa Clara will make recommendations that will help you keep your smile looking just-whitened fresh. While laser whitening results tend to permanently lighten teeth, good dental hygiene habits and healthy dental practices can help you keep new stains at bay. Occasional touch-ups may still be necessary for some patients.

While laser bleaching is an extremely effective way to get the smile you want, it may not be appropriate for all patients, including those with untreated tooth decay or periodontal disease and pregnant or lactating women. Contact our cosmetic dentist in Santa Clara to find out more about your personal teeth-whitening options or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Frame.

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