Methods of Teeth Whitening

A white smile says more than clean teeth; it tells the world that you take care of yourself and that you care about your appearance. In addition, a whiter smile can give you the appearance of youth and health. Dr. Alan Frame, Santa Clara cosmetic dentist, uses Zoom whitening as well as other techniques to give you the radiant smile you desire.

As a Santa Clara teeth whitening expert, Dr. Frame knows that no two smiles are just alike. This means that not everyone will respond well to the same whitening treatment. When the teeth are stained from the consumption of staining beverages and foods, or if the tooth enamel has simply yellowed with age, Dr. Frame uses the Zoom whitening procedure. Zoom whitening uses a highly effective peroxide gel and a special light to whiten your teeth in just 45 minutes. This treatment is one of the most effective chairside dental treatments available.

However, in some cases, a whitening treatment like the Zoom treatment is not enough to change the appearance of badly stained teeth. When the teeth have become discolored through the use of certain medications, that have undergone a root canal, or that are stained internally from developmental problems may not benefit from a chairside whitening procedure. Instead, Dr. Frame may recommend ceramic dental veneers. Veneers are a thin ceramic shell that covers the fronts of the discolored teeth, lending them a whiter and, in some cases, a more even appearance.

The method that is best for you depends on several variables, including your age and the type and depth of staining you have. Dr. Frame is more than happy to consult with patients about their options for dental whitening.

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