Most Common Dental Health Problems

Although you can certainly help minimize your risks by maintaining a solid oral hygiene routine, everyone’s teeth are susceptible to some problematic dental issues. Since bacteria are consistently present in our mouths, it can combine with the foods we intake to eat away at the protective layer of tooth enamel and cause common dental problems. Dr. Frame, dentist in Santa Clara, reports that the following are the most frequent issues that cause patients to visit his office.

• Cavities – As an irreversible stage of tooth decay, cavities are the result of bacteria turning sugary or starchy foods in your diet to harmful acid. When plaque builds up along your gums, it begins to destroy the tooth enamel and forms a decayed hole referred to as a cavity. Although most can be treated with fillings, advanced stages of decay may need a root canal.

• Gum Disease – Caused by an infection and inflammation within the gums, gum disease is the number one reason adults lose their teeth. Common warning signs of the disease are bleeding gums, reddish gums, gum recession, loose teeth, chronic bad breath, and tender gum lines. Untreated plaque, smoking, and poor oral hygiene habits are the major risk factors for developing gum disease.

• Discolored Teeth – Stains on the teeth can happen to everyone, but it is most common for patients who smoke, take certain medications, and have hereditary factors. Discolored teeth are often treated with teeth whitening procedures to significantly brighten your smile.

If you are concerned by symptoms or would like to learn more about these common dental problems, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Frame, expert in tooth cleaning in Santa Clara.

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