No Drill Dentistry

we-offer-no-drill-dentistryDoes a visit to the dentist bring visions of drills and all the uncomfortable sounds and sensations those drills bring? Today, Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara no drill dentistry expert, has an alternative for you: no drill dentistry. Thanks to no drill dentistry, we are able to ease the concerns of our patients who struggle with anxiety, stress or fear of the dentist, and we can eliminate the concerns you may have about drilling and needles.

Dr. Frame, our expert in no drill dentistry in Santa Clara, may recommend no drill dentistry to treat a number of conditions, including:

• Soft tissue conditions, including excess gum tissue or periodontal disease
• Tooth decay and cavities
• Root canal treatment
• Cold sores and fever blisters

No drill dentistry can also be used to prepare teeth for bonding, dental sealants and other minor procedures to eliminate the need for etching or drilling.

No Drill Dentistry Santa Clara

Instead of a drill, Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara no drill dentistry expert, uses a laser along with air and water to treat the tissues in your mouth. When the laser touches the tooth, the water molecules are allowed to penetrate the tissue. The water keeps the tooth cool throughout the procedure, and the process is virtually pain-free. The process is also faster than conventional dental treatments because there is no need for anesthetic injections, and we can often perform multiple procedures in one appointment to save you even more time.

Lasers have been used for years in other medical applications, including opthalmological treatments, dermatological treatments and cosmetic procedures. This new laser has been cleared to be used for a variety of dental applications for both children and adults. Its precision is unparalleled, and that means that less healthy tooth structure will be disrupted. Whether you have a cavity or gum disease, Dr. Frame, our expert in no drill dentistry in Santa Clara, can address it quickly, painlessly and efficiently with this new tool, giving you even more reasons to smile.

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