Oral Care for Toddlers

Oral Care for ToddlersBaby teeth are the first teeth to erupt, and although these teeth are temporary, they have an important job to do in your child’s mouth. They help your child learn to eat and speak, maintain proper spacing for the adult teeth, and promote proper oral and facial development. Proper pediatric dental care can ensure your child’s first teeth stay strong and healthy, and that the adult teeth erupt without complications.

Baby teeth usually appear between four and twelve months. These teeth will eventually fall out to make room for the permanent teeth, which begin to erupt in early childhood. The final molars, or wisdom teeth, usually appear between seventeen and twenty-one. The same things that can damage adult teeth can also damage baby teeth. However, babies and toddlers face some unique risks, including tooth decay as a result of being put to bed with a bottle of sweetened liquid such as milk or formula, orthodontic problems due to delayed pacifier or finger-sucking, tongue-thrusting, and other common childhood habits. Dr. Frame works with families to address these habits so that we can reduce the risk to their toddlers’ smiles.

Teething can be painful for babies and toddlers. When your child is teething, a gentle gum massage can alleviate the discomfort. You can also offer a cool teething ring or washcloth for your baby to gnaw, or you can try dabbing your baby’s gums with a small amount of topical numbing gel. The teething process can last up to a year and can be painful, but with good care, your baby will soon have a full set of pearly whites.

Good dental habits need to start early, so brush those little teeth as soon as they are visible. Use a soft baby toothbrush and just a smear of baby toothpaste after each feed and before bedtime. Call our office today to learn more about pediatric dentistry or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Frame.

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