Oral Ulcer Treatment

Oral Ulcer Treatment Santa ClaraAs many as 20 percent of people suffer from recurrent mouth ulcers. These sores appear on the inside of the mouth and often on the cheeks. They tend to be quite painful especially when you eat, drink or brush your teeth. While they are generally harmless and will clear up on their own, they may need to be addressed if they come back frequently, leave you unable to eat or drink, or last for more than a week or two. Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara oral ulcer treatment expert, has new options for managing oral ulcers that can help clear them up faster and more comfortably.

While the cause of ulcers is not always known, they are often associated with tissue injury. They may occur when you bite the inside of your cheek or when acidic foods such as citrus or tomatoes irritate sensitive oral tissues. Ill-fitting dentures or metal braces can also cause ulcers. In some cases, stress may be enough to trigger an oral ulcer. Ulcers may also be associated with nutritional deficiencies or health issues. If Dr. Frame, our expert in oral ulcer treatment in Santa Clara, can identify the cause of your repeated ulcers, he may also be able to help reduce their frequency and severity or eliminate them entirely.

Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara oral ulcer treatment expert, will examine your mouth for signs or ulcers, including:

• Painful sores inside your cheek, on your soft palate, on your tongue or elsewhere inside your mouth
• White or gray sores with a red edge or border
• Sores that are accompanied by a fever, sluggishness or swollen lymph nodes

Treatment can vary based on the extent of the ulcers. Dr. Frame, our expert in oral ulcer treatment in Santa Clara, may recommend using an antimicrobial rinse or solution to relieve irritation and reduce the risk of complications. A corticosteroid ointment may also be needed. One of the more advanced treatments used to combat oral ulcers is the laser. Dental lasers are used to stimulate the soft tissues. They ease discomfort and inflammation and stimulate blood flow and speed healing so that ulcers disappear in a fraction of the time previously needed.

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