Poor Oral Health and Pregnancy

According to a recent research study at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, there is a considerable link between a woman’s fertility and the health state of her gums. Dr. Roger Hart and his colleagues discovered that periodontal disease significantly delayed conception and negatively hindered the time to conceive a planned pregnancy. In fact, periodontal disease impacted the time to conceive in the same nature as being obese or overweight. Published in the journal Human Reproduction, researchers found that periodontal disease delayed conception by an average of two months.

Dr. Hart, professor from the UWA School of Women’s and Infant’s Health, also stumbled upon the findings that the effects from periodontal disease depended on the ethnicity of the mother trying to become pregnant. Non-Caucasian women, particularly those of Asian descent, appear to be at higher risk for poor oral health that negatively impedes on conception. On average, Asian women needed to allow more than a year for their babies to be conceived. Further research will be necessary to determine whether other non-Caucasian groups are equally impacted by the adverse effects of periodontal disease.

Caused by bacterial infections within the oral cavity, periodontal disease leads to chronic inflammation and tissue retraction of the deteriorating gums. If you are trying to conceive a child, it is highly recommended that you improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy by addressing your oral health tissue and being screened for periodontal disease. Signs for periodontal disease can easily be determined with a routine dental examination, so be sure to schedule a consultation immediately with Dr. Frame, Santa Clara dentist.

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