Preparing Your Kids for Their First Dental Visit

Preparing Your Kids for Their First Dental Visit

Children should first see the dentist when their first tooth appears or by the time they are 12 months. However, many kids don’t visit the dentist until later. Preparing your child for his or her first dental visit can help ensure a positive experience for everyone and promote good dental habits for life.

You can prepare your child for their first visit by:

1. Starting early
By starting your child’s dental visits early, you are teaching him that his dental health is as important as his physical health. You are also getting him used to receiving dental care, which can reduce the risk of dental anxiety or phobia later in life.

2. Teaching good dental hygiene habits
Teaching your child good brushing and flossing habits can help prevent tooth decay and cavities, which will result in a more pleasant appointment for her. Proper brushing and flossing habits also lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthier smiles.

3. Talking to your child
A visit to the dentist may sound scary to your child, so read picture books together so that he can learn about what to expect. Play pretending games where your child is the dentist or the patient, and count each other’s teeth, talk about dental health and brush or floss together. Use simple, straightforward language, and answer her questions in an age-appropriate manner.

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