Preserving Teeth in Older Age

Preserving Teeth in Older AgeMost people regard dentures as a fact of life in aging, but natural teeth are designed to last a lifetime with proper care. Today’s preventive dental care can give you the tools you need to keep your teeth healthy throughout your entire life. Dr. Frame offers tips that can help you preserve your teeth at routine checkups, but some basics apply.

1. Treat cavities early.
Small areas of tooth decay can often be remineralized without the need of a dental filling if they are found early. We can apply a strong fluoride paste that will help recalcify the tooth and stop the damage.

2. Evaluate restorations.
Regular checkups allow us to evaluate your teeth and your restorations. When maintained appropriately, crowns, fillings and other restorations can last for many years. However, few are able to last forever, which is why we check them for any signs of deterioration or damage.

3. Use preventive treatments.
Dental sealants and fluoride treatments are especially important for kids under the age of 15, but adults can also benefit from them. Make sure to visit us about twice a year for checkups and cleaning to catch problems early. At these visits, we will also talk about ways you can prevent problems, including preventive treatments or orthodontics.

Good dental hygiene is also important. An electric toothbrush can clean your teeth efficiently and remove more plaque and debris than manual brushing. Brush for at least two minutes using fluoride toothpaste, and then floss to remove the debris from between teeth. Call us today to schedule your next checkup with our dentist, Dr. Alan Frame.

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