Prevent Tooth Decay with the Help of Vitamin D

The risk for developing cavities can be reduced through proper oral hygiene, nutrition, and twice a year examinations and cleanings performed by Dr. Frame, dentist in Santa Clara. Calcium is important for strong and healthy teeth but it is important to get enough Vitamin D in the diet as well.

Vitamin D is necessary for calcium to be effective in maintaining healthy teeth and bones. A deficiency in this vitamin may weaken teeth and lead to the increased risk of developing cavities or other problems. Low levels of Vitamin D in the diet may result in weakened bone, making teeth become loose and leading to a greater risk of tooth loss. Gingivitis can also develop due to a lack of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is important through every stage of life. Pregnant mothers need enough Vitamin D so that their infants have a good start with proper tooth development. Children need enough nutrition to grow healthy permanent teeth and adults need to maintain healthy teeth to prevent decay and disease.

Vitamin D can be obtained through fortified foods, such as dairy products. Vitamin D is also produced by the body when exposed to sunlight. For some, it might be necessary to take supplements to get enough of this vitamin. In addition to proper nutrition and good oral health care at home, be sure to make your appointment with Dr. Frame, expert in teeth cleaning in Santa Clara, for regular exams and advice on healthy teeth.

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