Protection Against Cavities in Children

Protection Against Cavities in ChildrenOral bacteria that is responsible for tooth decay is not present at birth. Yet, babies can become infected by their caregivers, who transfer the bacteria through saliva when kissing them, sharing drinks or using the same utensils. This can kick start the process of tooth decay even before a single tooth has erupted. Dr. Frame can help you keep your children’s teeth healthier.

1. It begins with you.
Brushing and flossing your own teeth frequently can reduce the number of oral bacteria in your mouth and will help set a good example for your children. To limit the transfer of bacteria, never share utensils or cups, clean pacifiers with water rather than saliva, and do not put anything in your baby’s mouth after it has been in your own mouth.

2. Start early.
Use a soft cloth to clean your baby’s gums after each meal. Once teeth erupt, use a soft toothbrush to clean your baby’s teeth twice a day. Limit giving your baby or children juices, sodas or other sweet drinks, and try to avoid letting your baby sleep with a bottle.

3. Schedule regular dental visits.
Professional guidelines recommend bringing your baby for their first checkup by the time they get his or her first tooth, or no later than 12 months. Schedule future checkups with Dr. Frame as recommended to keep your baby’s smile healthy and strong.

Call us to learn more or to schedule your child’s visit with Dr. Frame, our pediatric dentist in Santa Clara.

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