Root Canal

Each tooth has several layers. The outer layer, or enamel, is a translucent mineralized substance that is extremely hard. Beneath the enamel is a softer layer of dentin, and encased in the dentin and enamel are the inner chambers of the tooth, or the root canals. These root canals contain the pulp of the tooth, including blood vessels, the nerve and other sensitive tissues. If decay or damage reaches these chambers, the health of your tooth can be at risk. Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara root canal expert, may recommend a root canal treatment.

A root canal treatment is a procedure that may take about two dental appointments. At your first appointment, Dr. Frame, our expert in root canal in Santa Clara, will evaluate the tooth and surrounding tissues. We may take dental X-rays to identify the shape of the canals, determine the extent of the infection or inflammation and plan your treatment. Local anesthetics can numb the tissues, and we may recommend sedation if you feel particularly anxious or nervous.

Root Canal Santa Clara

Once your tooth and surrounding tissues are numb, Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara root canal expert, will access the inner chambers of the tooth. Special tools are used to clean out the diseased tissues and infection. The tooth is carefully cleaned to remove all affected tissue and reduce the risk of reinfection. A medicated material may be placed in the chambers of the tooth, and after that, we will place a temporary filling.

Most people find root canals no more uncomfortable than a dental filling, but patients with severe infections may experience some tenderness or discomfort due to inflammation in surrounding tissues. Our expert in root canal in Santa Clara may prescribe antibiotics to help reduce the spread of the infection. At the second appointment, we will seal the root canals and discuss your permanent restoration options, which may be either a dental filling or a dental crown based on your specific needs.

A root canal can preserve the structure and function of your tooth and reduce the need for dental extraction. Contact our office today to learn more or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Frame, our dentist in Santa Clara.

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