Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth

Symptoms of an Abscessed ToothAn abscess is a localized infection. A tooth can become abscessed when the soft tissues inside the root canals become infected or inflamed. These tissues, which are also called the pulp, include the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissues. An abscessed tooth must be treated as soon as possible. Dr. Frame, our dentist, may recommend a root canal to preserve its structure.

Symptoms of an abscessed tooth can vary, but often include:

• Throbbing pain
• Aching in the bone surrounding the tooth
• Pain or tenderness when chewing
• Swelling in the gums or a pimple-like swelling near the root of the tooth
• Tooth sensitivity especially to temperature changes or pressure
• Foul-smelling breath or a bitter taste in the mouth
• Swollen glands
• A general feeling of illness or discomfort
• Swelling of the jaw or face in the area of the tooth
• An open or draining sore on the gums
• Darkening tooth

For most patients, an abscess can be successfully treated with a root canal. During this procedure, the pulp is removed from the tooth through a small access area. The canals of the tooth are cleaned, disinfected, and reshaped before the tooth is re-sealed. This protects it from becoming re-infected. Dr. Frame will restore the tooth by placing a porcelain crown over it, allowing it to be used just as before the treatment.

If you have any symptoms of an abscessed tooth, treatment is essential to prevent the infection from spreading and to avoid the loss of the tooth. Call our office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Frame.

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