Tongue Sores Treatment

Tongue Sores Treatment Santa ClaraThe tongue is necessary not just for tasting and eating your meals but also for talking. If your tongue is healthy, it will be pink and covered with little bumps called papillae. As with other soft tissues, tongues can sometimes develop sores, and sores on your tongue can interfere with eating, speaking, or other oral functions. If you suffer from tongue sores, Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara tongue sores treatment expert, can help.

First, we will need to determine what is causing your tongue sores. Dr. Frame, our expert in tongue sores treatment in Santa Clara, will examine your mouth. We will check the size and location of the sores, and look for other symptoms, including discoloration and pain. In most cases, tongue sores are not serious and will respond to conservative treatments. Rarely, tongue sores may be a sign of a general health issue and may require more extensive treatment.

Tongue Sores Treatment Santa Clara

Common issues Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara tongue sores treatment expert, sees include:

• Leukoplakia
This is a condition in which the cells of the tongue can begin to grow excessively. You may develop white patches or sores on the tongue. These sores may not hurt, but they can be unsightly. Leukoplakia is more common in those who have had tongue injuries, or who smoke or use chewing tobacco.

• Oral thrush
Thrush is an oral yeast infection that can lead to white patches with a cottage cheese-like appearance on the tongue and other spots in the mouth. Thrush is common in those with dentures or with compromised immune systems. You may be at a higher risk of thrush if you have diabetes, asthma, or recently used antibiotics.

• Lichen planus
These sores can have a lacy red or white appearance, and while the cause is not often known, it does seem to be associated with spicy or acidic foods, tobacco use, and poor oral hygiene.

• Canker sores
Canker sores affect many people. The cause is often unknown, although they are believed to be associated with stress.

• Trauma
Biting, burning, or otherwise injuring your tongue can result in sores.

Dr. Frame, our expert in tongue sores treatment in Santa Clara, may recommend medication, a special mouthwash, or probiotics to treat the sore. Laser treatments can also be helpful for reducing the pain, severity, and duration of the sores. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Frame, our Santa Clara dentist.

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