Tooth Decay in Children

Tooth Decay in ChildrenTooth decay is among the most common human illnesses. Over time, it can lead to cavities, infections and tooth loss. A recent study indicates that it may also affect growth in children. According to the study, which was published online in “Pediatrics,” tooth decay may affect both height and weight in growing children.

Researchers evaluated the extent of tooth decay and the height and weight of Saudi Arabian children between six and eight years old. They found that children with more decayed, filled and missing teeth were more likely to be underweight and shorter than children with healthy teeth. The correlation remained even when researchers adjusted for demographics, socioeconomic factors and social values.

Although more research is needed, this study does underscore the importance of good dental habits in childhood. Dr. Frame works with children to help them develop good dental hygiene right from the start. Your child’s first dental visit should be by age one or by the time his or her first tooth erupts. You can keep your baby’s teeth clean at home using a soft cloth or brush to clean the gums and teeth. As your child gets older, he or she may wish to brush his or her own teeth, but you will still need to monitor to ensure that the brushing is done properly.

These early years lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good dental health. We can help you and your child learn more about healthy dental habits. Call us to schedule your appointment with Dr. Frame, our pediatric dentist in Santa Clara.

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