Tooth Sensitivity and How to Remedy It

Sensitive teeth can be the cause of sudden, sharp, and often searing pain that can radiate deep into the jaw. Those with sensitive teeth may be affected in their daily activities. Pain may become so severe that these individuals avoid brushing for fear of the pain. However, this can lead to even more problems with the teeth.

Teeth that are considered to be sensitive cause pain to the sufferer. The most common triggers for this type of pain include exposure to hot or cold or and by eating foods that are sweet. Some individuals have additional triggers, such as eating food or drinking liquids that are sour. Breathing in air that is cold can sometimes trigger the pain of sensitive teeth.

Teeth become sensitive when underlying dentin is exposed. To combat this problem, you can take supplements that include Vitamin B1, calcium, and Vitamin D to help strengthen teeth. Avoid acidic foods and drinks which can cause weakening of the tooth surface. Try not to grind your teeth. Be sure to brush teeth gently and use a soft toothbrush to avoid wearing away the protective tooth enamel.

It is important to use oral hygiene products that contain fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel. The dentist might even recommend a toothpaste that is designed specifically for sensitive teeth. If you feel you might suffer from tooth sensitivity, make an appointment with Dr. Frame, Santa Clara dentist, to determine a treatment plan that is right for you.

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