Tooth Whitening Procedures

Tooth Whitening ProceduresA white smile creates a radiant, young appearance, as well as the perception of health and attractiveness. Nearly all adults believe that healthy, white smiles are more attractive than the alternative, and three out of four believe that stained and damaged smiles can hold a person back in his or her career. If your smile is not as bright as you want it to be, tooth whitening can help.

Teeth are typically white when they first erupt, but as we age, the crystalline enamel layer thins, allowing stains to be more easily absorbed. Stains are extremely common, but whitening treatments can erase many of them, particularly those caused by external factors.

Two types of teeth whitening are available: at-home teeth whitening and in-office whitening. A whitening kit given to you by a professional to use at home is a stronger, more effective alternative to the types of at-home whiteners you can find at the drugstore. These whitening products come with a customized application tray and more potent whitening solution for whiter results. In-office whitening is applied in our office and often activated with a special light, which boosts and accelerates your whitening results.

Both whitening procedures use peroxide to lighten the teeth. The peroxide is able to enter the pores in the dentin, and as it breaks down into oxygen and water, the oxygen breaks up the stain-causing molecules into smaller particles. You can keep your teeth white with good dental habits and periodic touch-ups as needed. Call us today to learn more or to schedule a whitening consultation with Dr. Frame.

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