Treatment For A Dislodged Tooth

Treatment For A Dislodged ToothA tooth that is pushed partly into, out of, or to the side of the socket is called a dislodged tooth. This is a serious injury, and it is considered a dental emergency. If you have a dislodged tooth, contact Dr. Frame as soon as possible to stabilize your tooth.

First, Dr. Frame will examine the tooth. In cases where the blood supply and nerves are still intact and properly connected, the tooth can be easily repaired and replanted. The tooth is simply cleaned, reinserted, and splinted. The gum and connective tissues will heal around the tooth and stabilize it.

If the blood supply and nerve tissue have been damaged, the tooth will typically need to be treated with a root canal. This treatment should be started within a few days of the injury, and you may need special medications to help the tooth heal. Dr. Frame will monitor the tooth as it heals to ensure that it is healing as expected during several follow-up appointments.

The tooth may not need a root canal treatment if it is a primary tooth. This is because primary teeth are still developing and growing, and the pulp contains stem cells that can regenerate and heal the tooth naturally.

In some rare cases, a tooth may not be able to be saved. In this case, Dr. Frame will extract the tooth and explain your restoration options, which may include a dental implant, dental bridge, or partial denture. Call our office today or to schedule an appointment with our team.

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