Treatment Options for Sensitive Teeth

Treatment Options for Sensitive TeethSensitive teeth can be tough to manage. Many patients find themselves sadly crossing their favorite foods and drinks off their list because they cause too much pain. Hot coffee, hot cocoa, iced tea and ice cream are often the first treats to go as they trigger zings of pain throughout the teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, Dr. Frame may recommend one or several treatment options.

One of the first steps in managing sensitive teeth may be to evaluate your dental hygiene routine. Teeth can become sensitive as the protective layer of enamel wears thin. This is often due to aggressive brushing habits. To better protect your teeth, use a soft-bristled brush and a fluoride toothpaste specifically designed for sensitive teeth. These types of toothpaste help block painful sensations so that you can more easily enjoy the things you love. If the roots of your teeth are exposed, Dr. Frame may also recommend dental bonding, which can buffer your teeth from irritation.

Although there is not yet a long-term solution for sensitive teeth, researchers are developing innovative new options. A new paste, which has only been tested on dogs so far, is designed to rebuild the teeth using phosphorus, calcium and other critical nutrients. This helps seal the exposed tubules in the dentin, which are responsible for transmitting sensation to the nerve. According to the journal “ACS Nano,” this paste can provide long-lasting sensitivity relief and actually help rebuild dental enamel.

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