What Tooth Pain Means

What Tooth Pain Means

Tooth pain is a common dental symptom that can have several origins. Seeing our dentist Dr. Frame as soon as you have a toothache can ensure you get an accurate diagnosis and the proper treatment before the problem deteriorates.
Some of the more common causes of tooth pain include:

1. Enamel erosion
When the enamel on the teeth becomes worn or the gum line recedes, the dentin inside of the tooth can become exposed. This results in sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks. Anti-sensitivity toothpaste may be a good option to help calm the sensitivity and reduce discomfort. Also, combine the use of a soft-bristled brush with gentle circular movements in order to reduce the risk of further damage to the enamel.

2. Decay, loose fillings and tooth damage
If you notice a sharp pain when biting into an apple or other foods, you may have a cavity or other problem that has exposed the pulp of the tooth. This requires professional treatment. You may need a new restoration or endodontic treatment to remove the irritated pulp.

3. Infection, deep decay and physical trauma
These problems are marked by lingering pain and will require root canal treatment to preserve the tooth.

4. Abscess
You may have an abscess if you have severe, throbbing pain, swelling on the gums, sensitivity to touch and a pimple-like bubble on the side of the gums. Root canal treatment will be needed to remove the underlying infection, and you may also need to complete a course of antibiotics.

5. Tooth grinding, or bruxism
You may notice pain or pressure in the jaw and teeth frequently with bruxism. You may even feel as though your bite has changed. Bruxism, also known as tooth grinding, is a common problem that can be alleviated with a comfortable night guard to cushion your teeth.

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