What You Should Know about Dental Implants

For patients who have missing teeth, dental implants are an excellent option for replacements to restore dental health and physical appearance. When titanium dental implants are inserted into the jawbone, the dental cap is positioned in its place. Although it often takes between six and nine months for healing time, patients are able to have strong and natural looking implants that function exactly like biological teeth. Those who are interested in receiving dental implants can contact Dr. Frame, Santa Clara dentist.

There are currently two main types of dental implants available for patients, which employ different techniques for securing the implant. Some dental implants are fixed into the jawbone with special screws surgically placed in the bone. These kinds of implants are often the ideal alternative for individuals who currently have removable dentures or bridges. On the other hand, some dental implants can be placed onto the jawbone with the help of unique metal framework. It is recommended for patients with low jawbone height and density to receive this type of implant for optimal results.

Although dental implants are an excellent cosmetic alternative, it is important to note that it is not always a feasible option for certain patients. Individuals with preexisting health conditions, like diabetes and heart problems, should consult with Dr. Frame, expert in dental implants in Santa Clara, prior to receiving dental implants.

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