What You Should Know about Zoom Whitening

These days, a radiant white smile is more than just a rare feature worn by actors; it is an essential part of your appearance. Maintaining a brilliant smile takes work, however. Many patients opt for an in-office whitening procedure because it is fast and effective. Dr. Frame, cosmetic dentist in Santa Clara, offers Zoom whitening to his patients.

The Zoom whitening procedure was developed by Phillips Oral Healthcare. This procedure can whiten a patient’s smile by 5 to 8 shades in just one office visit, which makes it one of the most highly effective whitening programs available. For this reason and many others, Zoom whitening is the most requested in-office whitening procedure on the market.

The Zoom whitening system uses a highly potent peroxide gel to penetrate the dental enamel and remove years of stains. First, Dr. Frame, Santa Clara teeth whitening specialist, covers the gums to prevent them from becoming irritated by the gel. Then, he applies the gel to all of the surfaces of the teeth. He then activates the gel with a special light designed by Phillips. After 45 minutes, the gel is removed and a special gel is applied to the teeth to reduce the possibility that the teeth will become more sensitive after the procedure.

The whitening lasts for several months. How you care for your teeth as well as the foods and beverages you consume also affect how long the whitening lasts. Dr. Frame can provide you with a take-home kit for touching up your teeth between whitening treatments.

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