What Your Teeth Say about You

What Your Teeth Say about You

A big smile reflects not just happiness but also a warm, positive emotion that can be extremely attractive. Your smile can give off clues about your personality and your health. Dr. Frame can help you get the smile you deserve and a smile that you are proud to share.

When we meet someone new, our brains immediately evaluate and categorize them. This is a largely subconscious process, and it happens almost immediately. As soon as the visual cortex of the brain receives the pertinent information, it processes it and develops the appropriate response. A bright, healthy smile elicits a positive response. This type of smile is often associated with professionals who are diplomatic or entrepreneurial. Those with uneven teeth or minor flaws may come across as more free-spirited or artistic.

Feeling confident enough to share your smile can translate into sharing more of yourself. When you hide your smile because you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with it, you may be holding back more than just a facial expression. Others may believe that you are aloof or withdrawn or draw even more negative conclusions.

While you should never have to change your smile to make others happy, you can change it for yourself. Dr. Frame can help you design a smile that highlights all your best features and gives the message you want it to give. Call us today to learn more about your cosmetic options or to schedule an appointment with leading dentist Dr. Alan Frame.
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