When Should Wisdom Teeth be Removed?

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?Wisdom teeth often erupt between the late teens and mid-20s. These are the third and last molars to erupt, and they appear in the back of the mouth near the throat. While they can erupt without incident and be easy to clean and maintain, many people simply do not have enough room in the jaw to support them. This can lead to crowding and damage to adjacent teeth. Other people may have them erupt partially or become impacted. Our Santa Clara dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction if your wisdom teeth threaten your dental health.

According to the American Dental Association, wisdom teeth may need to be extracted if they cause pain, become infected repeatedly, develop decay, threaten to damage nearby teeth or cause gum disease. We may also recommend removing your wisdom teeth before they cause problems to reduce your risk.

Wisdom tooth extraction can be performed as soon as it is clear that the teeth may cause problems with other teeth or interfere with your dental health. This may be best performed earlier rather than later, when the teeth become more firmly anchored in the jaw. Give us a call today to learn more about extraction or to schedule your next appointment with our expert in wisdom teeth removal in Santa Clara.

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