When You Should Use a Mouth Guard

When You Should Use a Mouth GuardMouth guards are special devices that are worn over the teeth to protect them from injury in case of impact. They are typically worn during athletic events or contact sports. The American Dental Association recommends wearing mouth guards while participating in nearly thirty different activities, including field hockey, football, lacrosse, ice hockey, gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, basketball, martial arts, and boxing.

A mouth guard is made of resilient, tear-resistant material and should stay firmly in place during use. Dr. Frame custom fits mouth guards for greater comfort. A properly fitted mouth guard should not interfere with your breathing or speaking and should be easy to use and clean. Most guards protect the upper teeth, but if you have certain oral abnormalities, wear dental appliances, or have certain restorations, you may benefit from upper and lower guards. Any time you engage in a contact sport or an activity in which you could hit your mouth, you should wear a guard.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a more avid athlete, a mouth guard can help protect your smile. Without a guard, you could be at risk of chipping, cracking, breaking, or knocking out a tooth. Not only do guards protect your teeth, but they also protect you from soft tissue injuries. The risk of orofacial injuries in those not wearing guards is nearly twice as high as those who do. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Frame, Santa Clara dentist.

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