Why Men Should Pay More Attention to Their Oral Health

Why Men Should Pay More Attention to Their Oral HealthAccording to several studies and surveys, men are more likely than women to neglect their dental health. They are not only less likely to schedule routine care, but they are also more likely to neglect their teeth when problems occur. The average man brushes his teeth fewer than the recommended two times a day and will generally lose more than five teeth by the time he reaches his 70s. If he smokes, the picture is even more dire with 12 teeth lost to dental disease.

If you are a man, your next dental exam might just save your smile. Common dental problems for men include:

• Periodontal disease
• Dry mouth
• Oral cancer
• Dental injuries, including sports-related injuries
• Bruxism
• Tooth decay

One of the best ways to avoid these issues is through regular checkups. These give Dr. Frame an opportunity to check your teeth for symptoms of disease and to clean your teeth thoroughly. We can also make recommendations that can improve your smile’s health or appearance.

How you manage your smile at home is just as important as regular checkups. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush every time you brush, and try to brush at least twice a day for no less than two minutes at a time. Floss after brushing to remove any remaining debris between your teeth and near the gums. Finish with a fluoride or antimicrobial mouthwash to combat bacteria. Call us to find out more or to schedule a dental exam with Dr. Frame.

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