Wisdom Teeth Problems

Wisdom Teeth ProblemsThe last teeth to erupt in your mouth are the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often erupt in the late teens or early 20s, and these teeth often crowd and threaten other teeth. If your wisdom teeth are not properly positioned or are unable to erupt, Dr. Frame may recommend wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth may need to be extracted when they pose a risk to other teeth or your dental health. This can include:

• Pain
• Gum disease
• Tooth decay
• Infection
• Cysts
• Tumors
• Damage to other teeth
• Soft tissue irritation
• Crowding
• Interference with orthodontic treatment

Even if you choose not to have your wisdom teeth removed when they erupt, Dr. Frame will still need to monitor them since they can develop problems over time. However, early extraction is often simpler than extraction because the teeth are often smaller and easier to manipulate. Later wisdom teeth extraction can have a longer recovery period but is still the treatment of choice when wisdom teeth are causing problems.

A wisdom tooth can be extracted simply if it has already erupted or surgically if it is impacted or has not yet erupted. Recovery is usually quick and uncomplicated, but Dr. Frame will give you specific aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of any problems during healing. You may need to take antibiotics or pain medications. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our team.

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