Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Eating a balanced diet is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and your waistline trim, but it is also important for keeping your smile strong. Not only do you need to focus on eating foods such as apples, pears, cheese, and whole grains to protect your pearly whites, but you also need to skip the snacks that are likely doing more harm than good.

1. Juice
While juice is often considered a healthy alternative to energy drinks and sodas, they also contain large amounts of sugar and acid, few nutrients, and little or no fiber. The next time you crave something sweet and juicy, grab a piece of fruit instead to get a powerful nutritional punch without the tooth-damaging risks.

2. Simple sugars
Candy, sugar-sweetened gum, syrups, and sweet sodas can feed both your sweet tooth and the bacteria that lurk in your mouth. These bacteria then secrete acidic byproducts that erode enamel. Additionally, try to avoid the less well-known sources of sugar such as cough drops, lozenges and suspensions, which are often high in sugar.

3. Lemons
Many people enjoy sucking on lemons, but their high level of acidity can severely erode teeth. Instead of eating straight lemons, slice them up and use them to make infused waters. Add berries, melons and other fruits for an extra kick of flavor.

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